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mixing - black carbon and fillers dosing

Dosing, pneumatic transport, raw material handling for rubber mixing line : NOLTEC Europe -


New solutions developed in order to optimize productivity (dosing time), in environmental quality, like of traceability and management of the raw materials.


We carry out turnkey installations with engineering of process: since the discharge of the raw material from truck / railcar or big-bag until precise dosing in the internal mixer. Various solutions are possible according to the requirements such as cycle time, degraded mode.




  We offer reliable and comprehensive competence and experience for the individual and innovating handling of :




- Fillers reception

- Ensiling

- Delivery- Raw material pneumatic or vacuum transport (conveyance)

- Feeding stations for oils and plasticizers

- Screw metering and dosing

- Small fillers dosing and weighing

- Big bag stations 

- Discharging stations




 Weighing system :



Dosing solutions and packaging small parts in bags melt: COLOR SERVICE

mixing - black carbon and fillers dosing

Dosing solutions and packaging small parts in bags melt


Weighing for rubber compounding.
Automatic dosing of accelerators and additives employed in the rubber compound production cycle.

Reasons to invest on ColorService automatic dosing system:

•    Increase of productivity (because downtime for manual operations will be eliminated). 
•    Saving in waste of products and elimination of human mistake (the machine weighs the correct product in the right quantity) 
•    Repeatability and traceability of the recipe dispensed, in order to increase the quality, to get quality certifications and solve possible disputes from clients (plenty of customers profit about spurious differences to justify delays to pay) 
•    Respect for the environment that results to be safer and cleaner.


Key features of the system are:

Dosing solutions and packaging small parts in bags melt

•    Contemporary dosing of all ingredients.
•    Production of 1 bag per minute, number of products is irrelevant to the productivity.
•    Creation and automatic management of the bag.
•    Anti- dust device fitted with self cleaning filter.
•    Elevated accuracy in the weighing (scale with standard resolution of 0,5 gr. with possibility to extend the accuracy up to 0,01 gr.).
•    Patented powder dosing device.
•    Devices to prevent powder agglomerates inside the silos.
•    It is guaranteed the automatic dosing of the most difficult products, such as waxes, dioxides, pigments and accelerators.
•    Silos with capacity 250 lt. Granting an adequate autonomy that can also be loaded automatically from big bag, for the products used in larger quantity.
•    Modular system. In case of future requirements it is possible to add modules to increase the number of products to be managed.