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molding - rubber injection and compression press

Rubber compression and injection presses :

Vertical hydraulic presses Services
JING DAY is a manufacturer of presses compression and injection, with 20 years experience in the construction of rubber equipment. JING DAY manufactures more than 400 presses per year and works historically much with the United States and Japan, which gives them access to a very advanced techonology, with an excellent reliability.
We offer you inspection and preventive maintenance of your molding presses so that you can keep the level of performances as long as possible.

The standard compression presses from JINGDAY are proposed with :

- platen size from 305 x 280 mm to 2400 x 2400 mm

- clamping force from 50 to 2300 tons

- vacuum (option)

- sliding platen (option)

- ejectors and lifters (option)


- twin or triple station sharing electric cabinet and PLC but independent oil circuit

Thanks to our X-Sensors X-302 tie bar strain gauges, we check that the clamping force is evenly distributed along the 4 tie bars of the molding press and nuts are tightely screwed. This is key to ensure good parallelism of platen and thus high molding quality.
Rubber injection presses :

Ideal for the production of natural & synthetic rubber, oil & heat resistant rubber, and reclaimed rubber.
•    Low bed structure
•    Equipped with standard PLC controller
•    Patented anti-spill device
•    Patented material feeding device
•    Custom specifications are available.
We can also manage your relocation projects with our partners and ensure a safe and state-of-the-art move of molding presses, with a smooth re-start in the new facility.

JINGDAY manufactures presses according to specific customer's requirements :

- multi daylights compression presses,

- downstroke clamping unit,

l- very large platen size, C frame or 4 columns type

- ...