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Mould and tool cleaning


An efficient cleaning solution for moulds and tools :

- even hot, as soon as removed from the press, the tool can be cleaned,

- in few minutes, the mould is clean again and ready for production again,

- MELTRON blast is made to lower consumption and is not abrasive to the mould,

- especially, it is very gentle for chromed steel tools !

With a wide range of SOBIJET equipment, you can clean large tools up to 600 kg and 1400 x 1400 mm as standard and we can also study specail equipment to suit your needs.

With this cleaning solution, much faster bain ultrasonic bath and non abarsive, contrary to sandblasting, you will gain on maintenance costs, extend toll's lifetime, decrease press downtime and improve molded parts quality.

Your workers will not use nasty chemicals or face dry ice bunring hazard.

You can clean larger tools than with laser, without changing surface tension of the mould and thus keeping efficiency of your release agent.

Before                                                                             After