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control aspect and dimensional UTP

Visual inspection machines for dimensions and surface quality control

The visual inspection machines BigX, KaliX, MatliX, PhoeniX, RollinX, ScrappiX and SqueezeX are designed for contact free automatic control of parts of almost any shape, with manual or automatic loading and unloading.

The process is based on high speed camera image analyzing.

parts made of various materials can be inspected, as rubber, silicone, plastics, metals... Dimensions and surface defects will be checked and NOK parts will be rejected.

Special design is possible according to your needs and specificity of the parts to control.

SqueezeX and BigX improve controls of O-rings by placing seals under stress.

The software allows to keep records of measurements, edit reports, make statistical process control (SPC), calculate capability (Cp and Cpk)...