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molding - magnetic platens

Magnetic platens


Magnetic platens is a quick and safe patented clamping system of moulds for Elastomers and Thermosetting on injection and compression presses.
It's main feature is the resistance to high temperatures up to 240°C on a non-stop operation basis.

molding magnetic platensWhere to use it ?

Magnetic clamping systems are designed to be used on any kind of press for 


rubber vulcanization and where the moulds’ temperature reaches 240°C.
The magnetic clamping system develops the best cost/performances ratio when the following conditions are present:
•    Frequent die change
•    Continuous production run
•    Difficulty in recruiting specialized labor
•    Need to reduce downtimes

The clamping systems are composed by electropermanent magnetic chucks, which can develop high magnetic force.
The main feature of the electropermanent systems is they do not depend on an external source of electric energy. Thanks to the materials used, the system develops magnetic clamping force in an autonomous way. The control electrical device is only used when activating and deactivating the magnets inside the platens.


moulage - plateaux magnetiques caoutchouc •    Optimum cost/performances ratio
•    Downtime for mould change reduced
•    Increase in the productive capacity of the machine
•    Maintenance free
•    Reduction of the production rejects
•    Reduction of the minimum batches
•    Die change with non-specialized labor
•    Easy die change operations
•    No need of mechanical equipment for die change
•    More comfortable and safer position during die change
•    Installation of the dies on all kind of press without adapters
•    Constant monitoring of the clamping system
•    Increased useful surface of the of the mould base
•    No change to the existing moulds needed
•    Perfectly plain clamping surfaces

The two product lines available are:

•    Magnetic platens to be fitted on existent heating platens
•   Heating magnetic platen with both functions of magnetic clamping and heating.