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mixing - rubber mill and refurbishing

Rubber mill : kcm


rubber mill


We developed a new range of mixers with cylinders in considering  last security measures IT and last technological breakthroughs (such as variable friction) with reducers directly attached to the built.

We realize equipments of laboratory and production until 2500mmxØ750mm for a reduced dimensions

Various options are possible: blender hydraulics, adjustable knives hydraulically, roll in drilled canals, chromium-plating of cylinders. 

Rubber mill refurbishing and modernisation/upgrade :

mixing - rubber mill refurbishing
We can propose a wide range of models of rubber mills refurbished according to your requirements:
Several configurations of engines, variable friction, hydraulic gap adjustment of the rolls allowing to agree to the security standards, all possible options: blenders, retractable knives, peripherally drilled rolls… special silicone options…

The elements of transmission (couplings) allow the maximum effort with the most output of drives. Each roll with any opening gap. Uni-Drive system, with all the gears placed in only one case for a mechanical guarantee of high efficiency and low noise level.




Hydraulic gap adjustment for security rules :

The mobile roll is actuated by hydraulic actuating cylinders, ordered by a servosystem which allows the preselection of its position against possible overloads, thourgh a fast gap adjustment and wordwrap to the preselected position.

Automatic mixing program : Blender

The automatism envisages an automatic action of mixing with the help of the programmed reciprocating motion of the mobile cylinder, making it possible to absorb and fold up the totality of the compound, without effort nor risk for the operator.

Other options :
Blender, knives, thermoregulation, roll chrome plate...