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vision control UTP

UTP VISION develops high quality vision systems for dimensional and aspect control by camera for rubber and plastic parts. The machines can integrate feeding systems and high level cameras (up to 5Mpixels) which allow us 100% control of defects with output up to 11parts/second.
We developed as well equipment for small production and part-to-part control or laboratory control.

Equipments for dimensional and automatic visual inspection

Equipments for 3D control

Special equipments and applications

Avoid the limits of the human control. The visual inspection by operator is incomplete due to loss of concentration, is subjective as it regards the repeatibility of the results, is expensive compared to an automatic control system.
100% control of the parameters of all the produced pieces
Our systems are capable of controlling up to 10 pieces per second
Reduction of business costs for staff dedicated to final inspection of the production
Investment for the purchase of a vision system has a rapid return.
An important advantage is the classification of the products quality because system determines different quality grades
Results are reproducible on the next batch
Results are in statistical form and they are traceable for every following quality control.
All machines are remote connected to our engineering office for control and set-up operations.

    inspection pieces caoutchouc par vision