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extrusion - caterpillar and servo cutting machine

Caterpillars and Servo -Torq® Extrusion Cutting Systems

extrusion - caterpillar and servo cutting machine


Every Servo-Torq® cutter uses a state-of-the-art AC brushless digital servo
motor to control their ultra high-speed flying-knife rotary cutting action.
The widest range of rotary servo cutters on the market. The Servo-Torq®
series of machines extend from table-top versions through to ultra high performance units. OD capacities of up to 300 mm are available.

extrusion - caterpillar and servo cutting machine
Seamless cut control for up to 2,000 cuts/minute (one blade).
Blade speed adjustment between 25% and 100%.
Siemens TP177 touch-screen control as standard.

• Advanced TP touch-screen for a leap forward in cutter control
• Precision rotary encoder length measuring in 0.025 mm increments
• Integral Siemens S7 PLC with EPROM memory back-up
• Parts storage of cut length, batch and total cut quantity
• Profibus, Ethernet and remote modem networking options.

Servo-Torq® Ultra extrusion - caterpillar and servo cutting machine
Ultimate cutting performance

• Perfect for high speed medical and small tube production
• Fully digital 3-axis AC servo motor control for optimum precision
• One motor directly drives the blade; two motors drive the infeed belts
• Perfect product feed with infeed belts moved closer to the blade
• Ideal for micro-tubing thanks to the tilt belt and air feed bush options
• Faster cutting response due to the ultra light weight blade head design
• Cuff, bubble and taper tube software options available

Accra-Feed™ Caterpillar infeeder/haul-offs
A range of precision twin-belt caterpillar puller units to measure and feed extrudate accurately into our cutting machines. They also provide superb speed holding for improved extrusion pull-down control.
A conveyor belt positioned after the cutter will automate cut piece collection.
It also gives improved length accuracy and cut quality by supporting the
extrudate as it exits the cutter.